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Planned Maintenance

Keep your operation efficient and safe through annual planned maintenance

Ensuring proper operation and safety is essential in maintaining a laundry business. We offer planned maintenance packages available on an annual basis to provide you with peace of mind in knowing your equipment is being serviced by the professionals. 

Starting at $249

Pricing varies based on machines, quantity and destination. Inquire for a quote. Valid to all new and returning customers. 

10 Point Safety & Maintenance Inspection:

  1. Mechanical Safety Component Review
  2. Drive Belt and Mechanism 5 Point Inspection 
  3. Oil & Lubricate Fittings
  4. Dryer Vent & Cabinet Cleaning
  5. Burner tube & Damper adjustments 
  6. Water line connection check 
  7. Anchoring hardware inspection, door hinges and fasteners tightening 
  8. motor cabinet lint clean out from dust & debris. 
  9. Drain system check 
  10. Electrical System inspection