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OPL | LG Platinum

The LG Platinum Commercial Laundry System offers laundries unrivaled energy-efficiency, programmability, installation flexibility and durability. Offering 22.5 pounds of capacity, LG Platinum Commercial Washers and Dryers are available in electric and natural gas models, and are configurable to meet the needs of any on-premise laundry application, including those at spas, salons, vet clinics and restaurants.

LG Platinum Dryers

LG Platinum Commercial Washer for On-Premise Laundry

Engineered for years of quiet operation, the LG Platinum Commercial Washer features autobalancing and inverter-drive systems for smooth, efficient and reliable operation. Designed to withstand the rigors of constant use, the LG Commercial Washer is simple to use and delivers a quality wash using less energy and water. Highly programmable, it’s an efficient and productive laundry solution designed to conserve energy and boost laundry productivity. Easy to Operate – The control panel features a digital display illuminating cycle time countdown, while LED lights indicate cycle status. Highly Programmable – The washer features programmable vend price, cycle time, cycle parameters, spin speed and more. Durability – NeverRust™ Stainless Steel Wash Tub and Steel Control Panel. Simple Maintenance – Smart Tub Cleaning and Atomizing System cleans the washer tub and maintains a clean washer window Quiet, Reliable and Efficient – LG front-load washers are among the quietest in their class. Three washer dampers absorb excess vibrations to deliver a quiet operation. Efficiency Unmatched – Engineered to use less energy and water while delivering unrivaled washing performance. No wonder it is CEE (Consortium for Energy Efficiency) top-tier rated and Energy Star qualified.

LG Platinum Dryer

LG Platinum Commercial Dryer for On-Premise Laundry

The LG Platinum Commercial Dryer offers more drying capacity and performance in a smaller footprint. With 22.5 pounds of capacity, it takes on more laundry and delivers improved drying performance, as well as fewer wrinkles and tangles. Adding flexibility and ease-of-use, LG Platinum Commercial Dryers feature AdaptAble™ Controls for maximized installation flexibility. LG Commercial Dryers perfectly fit the needs of a variety of on-premise laundry applications. Easy to Operate – The control panel features a digital display illuminating cycle time countdown, while LED lights indicate cycle status. Durability – LG Dryers are designed to last for years, but not show their age. The dryers feature a steel drum that’s built for constant use, yet won’t show years of wear and tear and is gentle on laundered items. Moreover, the drum won’t chip or peel—keeping laundered items stain free. Reversible Door- Quickly change the direction of the door swing – left or right – without additional parts. Quiet Operation- LG Commercial Dryers are among the quietest in their class. Efficiency Unmatched – LG Platinum Commercial Dryers allocate the right amount of gas and air into several sections – controlling airflow. Most other dryers don’t control gas and air flow, except for turning them on or off.